Technical Services

Chemical Engineering

In the process development results, to provide customers with skid-mounted or on-site installation of two installation options, construction drawing design, and complete equipment layout, equipment selection, pipeline diagram, etc. , joint hardware manufacturers for equipment production, installation, and with care for acceptance, commissioning and other processes

Continuous custom chemical production

Meson Science has a number of laboratory-scale, pilot-scale continuous production equipment, can be quickly assembled into production lines, through rapid development and optimization of continuous process, to provide customers with customized chemical products from kg to ton, fast Meeting Customer Market Development Plan.

Continuous chemical process evaluation

Meson Science provides customers with the possibility of continuous chemical process evaluation, through the reaction rate, mass transfer, heat transfer requirements of the judgment, based on the experience in continuous chemistry, to provide customers with continuous recommendations.

Development of continuous chemical process

Provide continuous process development to customers on the basis of preliminary evaluation. The process includes temperature-sensitive study, heat study, rate curve and retention time study, quality optimization, productivity optimization, condition tolerance optimization, safety threshold and so on.

 Intellectual property protection

Meson Science pays attention to the protection of customer’s Intellectual Property Rights, entrusts the project to be developed in the designated project group, and prevents the intellectual property information from leaking through the measures of personnel separation, space separation, data authority separation, Project Code Protection and so on.