Technical Features

Microchannel reaction technique

Microchannel reactor is a well-known continuous reaction technology in chemical engineering field. It has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency and reliable structure. Silicon Carbide ceramic is an excellent material for microchannel reactor, meson technology has rich experience in reactor design and has several patents. Our company can be based on the specific characteristics of the reaction, custom-designed reactor, and fluid, heat transfer simulation.

Continuous production control technology

The engineering team in the Meson Science and technology research team has good technical knowledge, equipment knowledge, instrument and automatic control knowledge, and is familiar with the safety factors and emergency handling principles in the process, with these professional skills, the process of self-conscious Process Control Program Development, to ensure that the control logic and process requirements are fully matched.

Continuous non-reaction process technology

Chemical production process is a combination of many complex processes. It is far from enough to solve the problem of continuous reaction process in order to make the production process continuous, only by solving the problem of non-reaction process continuity of front and back ends can the production process be made continuous.

Ultrasonic Reaction Technique

Although ultrasonic technology has been used in the field of chemistry for several decades, there are few practical examples in industrial production. The main reason is that ultrasonic energy is a kind of field energy, and the change of field energy is very complicated in the process of amplification, often don’t meet the design requirements.

Tubular reaction Technique

Tubular reactor is an effective means to solve the problem of continuous reaction. It has the characteristics of low cost and various forms. Tubular reactions usually include coil reactors, mainly for homogeneous reactions with low mass transfer requirements;